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Matsumae castle

The only castle in Hokkaido.The last old-fashioned castle in Japan. Several bullets remain at the time of the Hakodate war.

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Matsumae clan residence

Matsumae's May is not in Edo ", Matsumae of the clan government era.The theme park "Matsumae Clan Manoiru" is the one that reproduced the figure now.There are 14 town streets in the Edo period, reproduced here.

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Kozenji(Jodo sect)I was in Takayukiyama in the Odate.It was founded in the Tensho Three (1575), it was called Takayamaji, but it is the last temple of the Kyoto Hyakumanbu Shinto temple, renamed Kagoshima as Kanzenji.It is said that you gave a mountainee and a garment from Emperor Sui Mizuo.There is a beautiful garden which was made in the middle of the 19th century, and the precincts have a cherry blossom blood cherry blossoms.In the temple, the main wife of Matsumae Clan XII lord owner lord Chief XIII etc. is shoddy.

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A temple opened in 1625 (Kanaga 2), it is a valuable building that leaves the war of the Boshin war and leaves a cathedral as it is in the Edo period.It consists of a main hall, a garage (chestnut), a somon (soumon), a bell tower (shiro), a storehouse, etc. The main hall and the god of houses are the building of 1842 (Tenpo 13), which was designated as an important cultural property of the country in 1992 It was.

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